This is an Awesome Smart City Garden Home

Jadescape welcomes everyone with its well landscaped waterways along with the unique 7 peaks that strike the silver edge of the sky. You get to enjoy all these unyielding majestic awesome feel from the moment you arrived till the time you are relaxing at home.

Facilities Beyond Imagination

Once passed the gates, you be led along forest trials beside cascading streams, a stroll in the lush greenery courtyards and terraces and continue your journey with more than 100 facilities beyond your imagination for your full enjoyment.

As your mind get fascinated, be lost as you continue to wander along elevated pathways, veering to the left and right. each enticing you to a mystery of garden space or hidden waterways. Your return home to Jadescape becoming more like a journey of new discovery and surprises.


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Smart City Garden Homes
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